The buzzword is diversity. We are all different, and that is our wealth. Like every part of the human body, our skin requires an appropriate range of care that varies according to the constitutive nature of the epidermis itself, which deserves a 'tailored-made' beauty care routine, as one might say in sartorial parlance. In order to better define what the skin of our face needs, and avoid lack or poor post-treatment results, we first need to undergo a detailed skin tissue screening. At AR Suite we conduct a meticulous check-up of the skin of the visage employing optical technology, an analysis aimed at gathering as much information as possible on the compactness of the epidermis, overall tissue ageing level, hydration and elasticity qualities, décolleté, melatonin gradient (phototype) and other crucial markers to get a complete picture on the “status quo” of each different face. The anamnesis enables a taxonomy of the facial features and define an holistic treatment strategy Interventions are of a mixed nature: treatments in the AR Suite to restore the skin's natural physiology combined with the use of specific products for daily home skin care. 

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