AR Suite


AR Laser:
painless wrinkle filling treatment based on pure hyaluronic acid.
My Manual Lifting:
The Manual Lifting is a massage studied and developed by Alessandra which acts on the internal and external muscles of the face by lifting the cheekbones, to obtain a natural and painless non invasive lifting result without the aid of scalpels, surgery or chemical additives.
Facial cleansing with acids:
Thanks to the use of gluconolactone acid it is possible to obtain a correct exfoliation which allows removing the deepest blackheads through a manual squeezing.
Plumping treatment that employs the combined use of masks (purifying, antibacterial, astringent, nourishing) and serums with vitamins (A, C, E) to smooth and hydrate the skin.
Lifting and moisturizing treatment based on pure diamond powder and hyaluronic acid in its three molecular weights. A ritual with a tissue lifting and moisturizing effect.
Treatment that reduces inflammation, brightens and revitalizes the skin.
Pink Platinum: 
Rose platinum ritual that restores skin tone, complexion and texture luminosity. Reduces inflammation, brightens and revitalizes the skin.
Purifying detoxifying treatment based on active charcoal or peat.
Bye Wrinkles:
Needling treatment associated with four types of acids that overlap to plump up the wrinkle. The skin will be more relaxed, luminous and toned.
Skin change:
Treatment for atonic, dull and thickened skin. Thanks to the help of alpha hydroxy acids and specific masks, the skin will have a visible change immediately from the first session.
 Treatments may also not include MyManualLifting 
Lucy Press Theraphy Machine:
Equipment with a draining and relaxing action that acts on the 5 drainage points of the eye up to the temporal muscle, ideal for treating blemishes such as bags and dark circles. 
Equipment with blue LED light emission and frost plate. Draining & Tonifying decongestant action.
Led Mask:
Special Mask with multiple LED lights (chosen according to skin type) which act in tissue biostimulation. The cold light penetrates and works in depth according to the length of the waves on the blemishes.
Dermal blade that eliminates dead cells for cellular regeneration of the epidermis and the more evident excess hair.
Roller composed of 0.3 mm long micro needles that helps stimulating internal tissue collagen and facilitates the absorption of serums or creams.
Technology that exploits the FIR (infrared ray) emission which, penetrating into the tissues, acts on imperfections such as edema, dehydration, metabolic intoxication and senescence.
This treatment is able to remodel face and body shapes. Stimulates internal collagenase, reactivates cellular metabolism, promotes waste and toxins drainage, reduces bacterial proliferation, with its muscle relaxant effect plumps the tissues, enabling a greater absorption of active ingredients. 
Lifting glove:
Lifting treatment based on an innovative machine consisting of red LED thimbles with an antiaging, bio-stimulating and anti-gravitational action which restores the tissue and muscles vertically. Enhances and strengthens synergically the results of My manual lifting.
Diamond tips:
Microdermabrasion with vacuum effect diamond tips.
Invasive anti-dyschromia treatment, anti-acne, treats post-acne scars.
Bio Active:
Equipment that exploits biomodulated frequencies and through excitatory nerve impulses contracts muscles and fibers. It facilitates absorption of the active ingredients of different molecular weights.
    The first anti-aging body ritual: two treatments in one, regenerating mind and body. The “Queens’ Treatment” includes a full body exfoliation with 100% pure hyaluronic acid and 90 minutes of massage laying on a chromo-therapy heated water bed. Ideal treatment to prepare the skin for sun exposure or for an important occasion.
    Detox Peat (peat, lymph):
    Detoxifying body treatment consisting of a pink salt scrub, followed by the application of a Peat mask and a lymphatic drainage massage.
    Hydra Brushing (hydrating exfoliator):
    Exfoliating and moisturizing body treatment carried out with a preliminary brushing session, followed by a modeling massage.
    Draining with dead sea salts:
    It consists of an application of bandages with Dead Sea salts, ideal against water retention and cellulite. A valid aid also in case of skin prone to dermatitis, urticaria and psoriasis.
    Wood Massage:
    Active and dynamic massage that uses a bamboo stick. This treatment stimulates large muscle groups, improves blood and lymphatic circulation for an effective draining, decontracting, remodeling and toning action.
    Himalayan pink salt ritual:
    Detoxifying and revitalizing treatment that acts positively thanks to the action of Himalayan pink salt stones rich in essential trace elements. Relieves pain, releases tension and stress, stimulates metabolism and improves blood circulation. It invigorates mind and body in moments of particular emotional and physical stress.
    Upper partial massage (decontracting, Thai, anti-stress).
    Lower partial massage (decontracting, Thai, anti-stress).
    Press massage:
    Compression treatment to restore venous and lymphatic function. Reduces swelling, muscle tension, stress and pain in the limbs. 
    Non-invasive technique exploiting the characteristics of wavelengths to stimulate metabolic functions in the tissues by regenerating and purifying the skin cells. It reduces the effects of skin aging, remodels the whole body, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, oxidizes fat, promotes the penetration of active ingredients into the tissues.
    Bio Active: 
    Equipment that exploits biomodulated frequencies and, through excitatory nerve impulses, contracts muscles and fibers. It facilitates absorption of active ingredients of various molecular weights and stimulates the tissues for the treatment of face and body blemishes such as ageing, impurities, atony, cellulite and fat deposits.
    Relax Termik (with chromotherapy):
    Technology that exploits the FIR emission which, penetrating into the tissues, acts on imperfections such as edema, dehydration, metabolic intoxication and senescence, as well as being able to remodel the shapes of the face and body. Stimulates internal collagenase, reactivates cellular metabolism, promotes waste and toxin drainage, reduces bacterial proliferation, muscle relaxant effect, plumps the tissues, better absorption of active ingredients.